We Work for YOU!

"As someone who was very indifferent to coaching, I must say, it works!  Randi, thank you for helping me to organize my business.  As we spoke about my work life, you picked up my need to organize. The financial spread sheets you created for me are the tools I needed to help paint a very clear picture of how the next quarter and the rest of the year looks for me.  I can’t help but ask myself, “now why didn’t I think of that?”.  I will continue to use them to help me budget and stay on track!"

- Vicki O.

"Randi brings years of experience and know-how to her coaching clients. With wonderful insight into people she helps each get on the path to accomplishing their goals."

- Helen K. - Business Owner


"Randi, working with you as my life coach has had a tremendous impact on my life!  You listen to my every word and are so good at helping me zero in on what I need to work on.  Your way of asking open ended questions helps me to identify alternative solutions to my issues; something I’ve always struggled with.  You’re empowering in that you challenge my limiting beliefs and make me feel I can tackle it all!  I am so happy to have met you and feel like I’ve made great progress in the past 3 months.  Your non-judgmental ways allow me to be myself and open up to you, something so important to successful coaching. 

I’m looking forward to continuing our work together.  You are a kind and caring person and an amazing coach!!"

- Victoria

"Randi is absolutely amazing! She has an unbelievable amount of insight and strategies when it comes to resolving workplace issues and helping people move forward with their personal and business goals." 

- Daniel A. - Business Owner

"Randi is an excellent coach! She has in depth knowledge of all industries and especially real estate! She is able to view all areas of business and personal and able to identify and explain why and view things in a more positive way. Her in depth knowledge, positive thinking, thorough explanations, note taking and follow up is impeccable!

I would highly recommend Randi for any type of coaching whether for personal or business."

- Ross K.