The Human Factor

Life Happens, Get a Grip on Yours!

Ideal lives are built by intention, not by default.

If you are considering changes in your life, career or business working with a coach can make a huge difference.

Life Coaching Services

You know you are capable of achieving more, but you notice you hold-off doing the thing you say you want?  Do you worry life is passing you by and you are not accomplishing what matters most to you?

Are you stuck? Stressed? Overwhelmed?

Are you ready to shift your mindset, take action and get results?

Each person is unique and capable of creative problem solving. Together, we identify your life priorities, and discover how you view your world – the missing and the dreams.

Uncover the obstacles, self-sabotaging habits, negative self-talk and emotions that may keep you stuck and create a shift by designing a life that is more in alignment with your goals.

See significant improvements in self-confidence, relationships, communication skills, interpersonal skills and work performance.

Coaching is a relationship between your Coach and You. You are the expert in your life. Coaching helps you connect you to you, and take action to create the life you really want. Coaching is 100% Confidential (two-way confidentiality - covers what coach shares too) and Non-Judgmental. Coaching is NOT advice, counseling or therapy.

My coaching is based on a philosophy of inner transformation, empowering people to be their best self, enabling them to develop inner wisdom, fulfillment and richness of heart. 

What Coaching Involves

What you should expect:

  • Sessions are structured by your goals
  • Your goals and focus may change
  • Ups and downs are normal, as is reaching a plateau. The down cycle is where we do the most growth!

I request your permission to:

  • Challenge you and ask difficult questions
  • Gain clarity by repeating back what you say
  • Give you worksheets, forms or inquiries during and between sessions

Role of Coach

What you can expect from me:

  • I will help you set, clarify and maintain focus on your goals
  • I will hold you accountable for what you say you are going to do
  • I will help you establish your own solutions and strategies
  • I will challenge you and help you recognize where you may be holding yourself back
  • I will encourage, support and believe in you, even when you may not!

Together we will raise your Self-Awareness!

Role of Client

What I expect from you:

  • To be honest and open, and to tell me when you can't be
  • Willing to adopt a more positive outlook on your self and life
  • Ready to be fully accountable for your life, decisions and actions

You are responsible for your Results. Success is directly related to your commitment and the effort you make.

How specifically would you like you, or your life to be different after coaching with me?