Business Coaching - Building A Workforce One Person At A Time

Building a workforce of empowered, effective, engaged managers and employees requires continual innovation and assessment. How your company performs financially is heavily reliant on the Human Factor. Once you have the right people on board, the challenge becomes keeping them engaged, motivated and productive.

Do you find there is not enough time to build teams or grow your business because you are working "in" the business, instead of growing it?

Are you challenged by employee engagement or having a hard time finding and training the right people for the right tasks?

If your company is like other small/mid-sized businesses your employees represent your biggest expense and your most valuable asset. This means your organizations productivity and profitablity depend on your workforce.

Coaching has become an ideal tool for increasing business performance and making a company's people better. Together, we assess your organizations processes and systems.

We will problem solve for the day to day process of getting the job done, correctly and efficiently by the employees and develop effective management and leadership.

How can this be accomplished? Through goal alignment between the individual employee and the company's overall strategy. When the employee understands their role in the company and what is expected of them it helps them see how to contribute to your company's success. This creates a boost in employee productivity that will lead to profitablity for your company.

Coaching can be applied to a variety of situations, including the following topics:

  • HR Transformations –  A company’s image of the future is its vision and what it wants to accomplish - business strategy and goals
    • Determine Gaps and Matches
    • Define Challenges and Opportunities
  • Building/Changing Organizational Culture – The values of a company refer to the way a business conducts itself. Its values are the principles that influence the way an organization treats its employees, customers and the community
    • Get to the root of poor morale, leadership and communication issues
    • Establish desired core values, vision and people
  • Building & Managing Teams/ Employee Engagement – How the organization accomplishes its vision is from the Team of People and their capabilities to get the company from its current state to its desired future
  • Create a collaborative environment, encouraging communication and a cohesive workforce
    • Develop strategies and plans to attract and retain talent
    • Clear role definitions and prioritized initiatives keep employees engaged
    • Ensure individual is the right fit/talent for organization

Introduce Me to You and Your Business to determine if there is a good fit between your business goals and my coaching services.