Address the Work Stress of Doing More with Less

I have noticed that day to day work related pressures have increased and that my workforce, my boss and I feel stressed. Unreasonable workloads, unclear expectations, unfair pay and poor management contribute to the problem. It's exhausting to be tired and stressed most of the time!

It's possible to bounce-back from feeling burnout and alleviate employee fatigue and engagement problems...

Here are some Ideas to increase brain power and productivity

Take a break from the office crazy - work remotely, have more flexible hours, take a mental health day, walk around the block and have a meeting! A simple change of scenery gives you a well deserved break and you can stay focused and productive at the same time!

Curb the urge to over work to stay on top of your tasks, especially when the pressure is on. Stress is often the result of being hard on ourselves when we do not meet our own expectations.

Shift your mindset - be clear about the work demands but encourage friendships among colleagues so people feel connected to one another and engaged in their work.

Value people for who they are.